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Tufani Mayfield, Cyberspace
Member Since October 2008
Artist Statement Throughout high school I studied martial arts and religion, having read the New Testament, myself repeatedly and listening to the audio cassettes. In addition to biblical studies I explored self-hypnosis, astral projection and the healing powers of crystals. The bulk of my time was spent playing D&D, watching Doctor Who (Tom Baker), taking care of pets and reading encyclopedias. It was in a commercial art class that I attended through a local career education center which is where I designed my first corporate ID package (for freelance art work) at age 16. We used an AB Dick printer that ran using emulsified metallic strips that were engraved with a flash of light through amberlith stencils we made using exacto knifes and rapidograph pens.

My favorite topics of study in the university were philosophy, western civilization, food and nutrition, African art history and world mysticism. What made these courses most interesting to me was not always my personal interest in the topic, but the spirit with which the teachers presented the material.

Around 1989 I got a job working at the university bookstore upon enrolling. In 1992 I visited the Virgin Islands for a semester as an exchange student and visited three west African countries the following summer. In 1993 I graduated with a bachelors degree in Liberal Arts with a minor in studio art.
In 1994, I began uploading content to the web and participating in BBS and IRC discussions. I taught myself HTML during my spare time while working as an academic adviser at the same university that I graduated from. I relocated to New York from Colorado after teaching myself HTML and finding job listings on the web which asked for that skill. Ever since then, I have immersed myself in the ethereal mindscapes of cyberspace. Essentially my love for reading, writing and creativity keeps me interested in online communications and development.

From 1995 thru 2000 I held multiple web production positions working for several large companies. During that time my income increased from $13/hr in 1995 to $50/hour in 2000. I began freelancing , became a full time employee and completed my first five years on the east coast as an independent contractor. After *911* I left the east coast to increased my
experience through exploration, discovering new ways to present art using the world wide web, networking and producing independent art shows. In addition to some galleries, my work has appeared in many alternative venues including

yoga studios, cyber cafes, art centers, spiritual retreat centers and other

commercial spaces. Since 2003 my work was bought by a marketing executive, a hospital, a massage therapist, a few musicians, a non-profit executive, a black arts festival administrator, a financial attorney, to name a few.

ME DECOR LLC is my umbrella company at this time.
A pre-revenue creative startup and microbusiness incubator.
Once the business filings for Me Decor are up to date and the business is in good standing, it will be transformed from LLC to Benefit corporation (or PBC) and its location may also be upgraded.

Some of what is being gradually developed through Me Decor include:

Over fifty online shops organized since 2002.
To sell digital printed gifts and limited edition fine art prints
to private investors, businesses, non-profits for fundraising
and art collectors.

A digital asset management firm.

A scholarly society which offers meditation courses and embarks upon excursions

[think road scholars with group meditations, retreats and spiritual studies] .

My artist estate and trust , with a developing plan for delivering long-term,
multi-generational investment quality art sales.


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Subjects Dreamscapes, Landscape, Magic Realism, Natural, Nature & Outdoors, Optical Illusions, Panoramas, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Style Landscape
Tags Mayfield, Tufani