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Marcellous Lovelace, Chicago
Member Since March 2009
Artist Statement Art for Boundless years and counting -- Marcellous Lovelace and some Paint and the floor and some dirt and the ghetto and being myself.

Marcellous Lovelace is 2017blackart for 7102

African (Af Ra Kam) People and Soul Black People and Art Struggle and reality all bring out a certain vibe in me -- I'm inspired by myself and my family (soul) to create images and sound for all the right reasons. For the love of myself and my kind -- Complete oneness with love and thought for the original people -- If you be your self and not anyone else you can express your self better or just give up because its not meant to be learn to build from within to connect --

When it all started : Born in 1975 the work of Marcellous Lovelace is almost completely self-taught. Since a very young age Marcellous has been into art. Raised and bred on the south side of Chicago Illinois. It all began drawing pictures from his favorite cartoons he has long had a since for color and style. His favorite subject has to be the human form or the figure. Either it is an action hero with a muscular shape or a nude black woman with a smooth well-defined shape he has always been spell bound by the human shape. Through art he has learned how to break down this form in an abstract way, or simple cubism. Art to Marcellous is the motivation from inside himself to express his deepest emotions (energy in motion) on a 2 dimensional object or in lamens terms a piece of paper. Reading from African peoples in Americas his story he has come up with many moods. From slavery to the deepest love a mother has for a son who steals from her to survive in the everyday struggle. Music is another driving force that keeps this mans mind occupied be it the most conscious of hip hop or the jazz of Alice Coltrane Marcellous has a love for his peoples creativity in sound. This musical art form is a driving factor in a studio to small to paint yet live in to put it more precisely Marcellous doesnt have a studio his paintings began on the living room floors and kitchen tables of his mothers, grandmothers, and aunts different homes. He paints in many different mediums from oil (to expensive), acrylic, pastels (favorite), glue, magazines, house paint, shoe polish, Georgia red dirt, and your simple house hold ink pens all together or separate use it can be worked out. Art is this mans passion besides the many relationships with woman that have caused a lot of the different stages of design and also inspiration of his southern born family who he loves more then anything in this universe. Self-taught Marcellous has had some schooling along the way of his stubborn born style from elementary where teachers didnt teach well because of The Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys (a book by Jawanza Kunjufu) he took his own rout doing more sketching in class then passing and dealing with a lot of moving during school the younger Marcellous had to deal with many a city in the United States where he didnt fit in causing him to be self contained and real creative in places like Radcliff, KY and Memphis, TN. From these places he became a better artist and today is able to socialize with a wider variety of people and create more with any tools.

Time is infinite

More to come

I paint on anything i can find and i don't answer to no one on how i should exist in my life -- i have over 4000 paintings and counting and i do this because i love to create my thoughts :) stay BLACK or like me AFRICAN or Malian to be exact nation -- An Active Activist for the people i am the grass in the roots ohhh i went to Art School (Memphis College of Art / Art Institute of Chicago / San Francisco Art Institute) and what ever hmmm yo School never gave me what the South Side of Chicago and Coli Park in Atlanta or South Memphis or West Philly or Brooklyn or Ricmand in Oakland ... hmmm i guess i'm not cut out for institutions for my own Creation -- so my degree comes from my Grandma Madear ... thank you :) -------- my art is not mean


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