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Miko Arts, Albuquerque
Member Since June 2008
Artist Statement

Everything in Life disguises a miracle.

My paintings are Tarot card designs. When I was little, I understood my family mainly through the images I drew of them. I am the last child, nine years younger than the ninth. Words never satiated my curiosities from our shared experiences. But my pictures did.

I knew from age three that my drawings served a purpose. Children in the neighborhood wanted my drawings, and while I hung out with them while my sisters baby-sat, I would bring them drawings which they secretly had asked me for.

My paintings are psychic in nature. There are events occurring around a painting being made, but my mind is silent. Channeling is perhaps the best way to describe the process, but since I know I am actively injecting my own memories and Will, the word 'channeling' does not fully model the process.

The truest way to describe my paintings is the healing effect they have upon you. All my life, since gradeschool, I've sold or traded my art. Everyone who's collected my art is deeply affected, whether they were my best friend in second grade or a stranger I met at a Cafe Show in Albuquerque. Opening myself to the emotional exchange between people, and integrating what I previously blocked within myself, is in exchange, is my karmactic liberation.

Collectors of my work, from England to San Antonio, Texas, always say one thing, 'I've never seen anything like your work before.' That's the magic of the process. The power of resonating psychically transcends time, place, and circumstance. What I desire from myself and my art is ultimately a Tarot Deck which every future human can use to understand, re-cipher, and forecast every aspect of their own life, completely intuitively, instructed solely by the sensations they receive from their own body, mind, and emotions.

The only thing I ask of you is that when you collect something from me here, to please contact me with your name and email, so that I may know who you are and be able to send you a personal thank-you, and give you access to the sketch-section of my website. Whenever I've wanted to know more about Picasso, Escher, Warhol, Klimpt, Pollock, and myself, I wanted to mainly see their sketchbooks. How their mind collects the impressions of their lives tells me more about the source of their inspiration than their words could ever do.

Speechlessly yours,



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