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Member Since November 2009
Artist Statement Welcome to my Art Gallery
We provide Arabic calligraphy services for individuals and businesses that range from classical styles to modern Calligraphic rendering.My work in Calligraphy supports often specific requests for branding, logo design, graphic design, book covers, posters, and various titles.

1 Customized Islamic Traditional Calligraphy in all styles
2 Vector format Calligraphy
3 Arabic calligraphy in various media for display at home or business.
4 Tattoos designs of Arabic calligraphy.
5 Custom Arabic and Islamic Greeting Cards for organizations and corporations.
6 Calligraphic designs for Mosques, Community Centers, Schools, and other buildings and projects.
7 Personal Name Calligraphic Designs.
8 Arabic calligraphy and typography in various media and styles for publications.
9 Digital & Manual Calligraphy, Art and Crafts,
10 Beautiful Handwriting (Urdu),(English),(Arabic),
11 Ukair Sazi,Pencil Sketch,
12 Logo designing of any type with hand made sketch
13 Drawing,clip art,Land scape,Portrait,Water colour,
14 Abstract and contemporary art,
15 Computer Graphics Arts,Photography,
16 Books publishing/Designing,
17 All types of art work manual and digital ,
18 Computer Designing,Training,
19 Calligraphy Training,
20 Digital art training,etc
21 Wedding Logo Design (names of Bride and Broom)
22 Family tree calligraphy Painting on Canvas
23 Commission services for all above fields.
24 Sketch of every type,every thing except nudes.

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Hope you enjoy the real Art
Would you have any questions or suggestion feel free to contact me.
Constructive feedback is appreciated.

Cell Number(1)= 0092 336 633 7467
Cell Number(2)= 0092 300 633 7467

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“These all are Handmade Abstract Calligraphy Paintings of beautiful name of Allah Almighty on Canvas with Oil Paints.These could be comissioned in any size.It could be the best digital art also in the form of writing specially the names of the Great Allah Almighty have been finished,complete 99 fairest names of Allah,Allah said in The Holy Quran"Allah has the fairest names invoke him by them.There is no God except Him.To Him belong the most beautiful names.O you who believe! remember Allah with much rememberance".I would like to express that who like this work ,he knows better that where is the place of these masterpieces for display.interested people can contact me at hamidsart@gmail.comThe original Paintings & High resolution files are also with me .These are suitable for Framed Art,Printing Posters,Islamic Calanders,Islamic wall hangings,Huge Size Digital Prints,Prints on (Canvas,Card,Paper,Ceramics,Wood,every meterial.etc
My interview published in the newspaper daily"The Nations"

Life Achievements

1.2nd Award in All Pakistan Calligraphic Competition,
Lahore in 1996.
2.Selected for Man of the Year Award - 98 by
American Biographical Institute (U.S.A.)
3.Sufi Khurshid Raqm Award.From Lahore Arts council
4.Khawaja Fareed Award From Multan Arts Forum.
5.Work Selected and displayed in American Islamic Community Complex,New Yark,U.S.A.
6.First Award In International Calligraphy Competition from Lok Visa Museum,Lahore.
7.Awarded honourary From Shama Cultural Society Multan.


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Subjects Abstract, Color, Islam, Spiritual & Religious
Style Generative Art
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