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Jane Strauss, Minneapolis
Member Since March 2008
Artist Statement New comment from a fan, which about sums things up "(your pictures) are wonderful because you look at the details of the world around us with wonder and amazement that makes you unique. " Thanks, Daniela!

Spring has finally arrived, and we are in the season of "art crawls". Family responsibilities have lessened my participation but I still have web sales, for those seeking new items. The Jewish calendar for next year will feature Israeli feral cats, and I am still considering subjects for the 2015 calendars. A new product in my Cafepress shop, , is the journal, wirebound with any of a number of images on the front and your choice of four types of acid free heavyweight paper. A variety of cards, winter holiday cards, and others, plus Bar and Bat Mitzvah cards, are available in my card shop at

Current and upcoming showings:

In May, I participated in an art salon to benefit religious pluralism in Israel through the Masorti movement.

Continuing on through June in the Israeli theme, I will be showing Israel images at Landmark Center in St Paul, Minnesota, in the North Gallery, from June 8-29th. In conjunction with the exhibit, there will be three speakers about aspects of Israel, on June 12, at 6, on June 15, at 1:30, and on June 29, also at 1:30.

Images from the Inclusion set will be showing at Q.1 Gallery, in the Qarma Building, 1224 Quincy St. N.E. Minneapolis, MN 55413 starting on June 5th.
Two pieces will also be in the Sister Kenny Art Show, also beginning on June 5th.

If you are interested in shopping from current stock in addition to or instead of ordering from the web site, please contact me to arrange a showing at my home/studio in South Minneapolis. If you are convenient to Minneapolis, and wish me to sign a piece purchased from the website, please contact me by telephone or email to schedule this service.

One of my fans puts it this way:

"Jane Strauss captures images with her camera that most of us would never take the time to look close enough to see - the detail on an old car's hood ornament, the lush growth along a flooded waterway, the frosted roses as winter approaches, and the delicate tendrils of wildgrass. Her images are sharp, crisp, and sigh-inspiring, making the viewer wonder how much beauty and detail they have missed by not looking closely enough at our environment. It is a wonderful gift to be able to see these details and hidden images through Jane's eyes. Her renderings using digital software allow her to bring certain elements to light so that what might seem to others like the simplest subject - a bird on a tree, or old tools, turns into true art."

I have been interested in art since forever. I first picked up a camera in the late 1960s on the East Coast, when at the age of fifteen I learned to shoot and develop 35 mm black and white film. I’ve been enamored of graphic arts ever after. Since then, I have tried to be practical, pursued multiple academic courses of study, relocated to the Twin Cities in the mid-1970s, raised a family, worked with community organizations, nonprofits, and in the practice of law, before returning to my first love, art. As a digital photographer, I am largely self-taught, only beginning to work at that craft in 2004, after my eldest daughter had become an artist and teacher in the medium.

My art flows from who I am, a person placed on the autistic spectrum in midlife who has often wondered why I see detail many folks miss. I look at the trees and the forest, and see the geometric shapes between and within them. I wait for the animals to settle, and come right up to them for a look. I notice small details and parts of things that for the usual person blend in with their surroundings. I look up to the sky when many would look down or straight ahead. I focus on reflections. Once images are digitized, I use Photoshop to crop, enlarge and adjust them to reflect what I sa


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