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Richard Barber, Watford Hertfordshire
Member Since February 2007
Artist Statement About Me:
Professional Artist (Painter)
I search: Fine art Realism
I offer: Fine art Realism
I'm from England I was born in England to both English and Irish parents, the eldest of eleven children.
My work is drawn from two cultures, one the culture of my birth, which is English, and the second from the culture of my wife and daughter's which is Chinese. I lived in China for six Years, but had t leave due to ill health. So I'm now back in the UK with my wife, My daughter has stayed in China with her new husband.
China gave me the problem of marketing my work to other countries due to China's mass production of cheap copies, but I lived with that, as I saw it as only a minor problem.
My studio is at my home which is next to a forest, I have a wonderful view, looking the down the hill, from my studio windows, of which I have a panoramic view of the countryside all year round, it's palette's never ending colour changes and variation in structure. this makes my working environment a joy to work in.
Art to me is like a love story, that has become the biggest love affair of my life, it's my love story, I seek out the beauty in everything I see, and try to convey that in my art. My work is not ultra realistic, as I feel that artist must allow the viewer to partake in the illusion, I have no wish to take the place of the camera. Just like a good book, the interest to the reader is unraveling the plot, a painting must interest the viewer, allowing them to become part of the painting, transporting them to the tranquility of their inner mind , away from the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Allowing them to relax with their inner most feelings. Relax and enjoy your visit,
have a great day.
Technique(s): Wet on Wet, Traditional
Style: Realism , Surrealism
Interests: Art
Inspirations: Woman , nature
School: Realism
CV: The university Of life
Affiliations: Living Life
Awards: The work I do
About My Art:
I offer: Fine art Realism as you will see my work is realism but not Photo realism, I get a kick out of just suggesting things without too much fine detail, little flicks with the brush that tell the eye a lie, giving the illusion of very fine detail , but in fact are not, like they say , "Why try to reinvent the wheel"! The camera already dose that job very well of defining detail, so I prefer to be the illusionist rather than the Photographer or the photo realist.


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Subjects Figurative, Nudes, People
Style Realism
Tags barber, nude, richard