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Matt Jackson, Colorado Springs
Member Since January 2012
Artist Statement Here’s the story about how I started making pictures. Although it has a happy ending, it didn’t begin that way.
Back in 2008, I was very successful in my chosen field. I was highly respected nationally, and wielded power affecting million dollar transactions. People sought me out for solutions, and when I called meetings, people from the highest echelons would attend. My ego was the size of a football field, and as a consequence of all this notoriety, I convinced myself I was indispensable and could not fail. To achieve this, I worked like hell while putting the job above all else. My priority was the job!
In March 2009, I suffered a breakdown. Diagnosed with depression, I was out of work for two months. Now, I can’t even remember what I did during that time. It’s all a blur. What came out of it was this: I found out the world went on spinning without me; I reconnected with my wife and family; my sense of what is important in life completely changed, and; I discovered a little program called Photoshop Elements that I experimented with as a form of therapy. In June 2009, I created my first picture, and from there, I discovered a whole new facet of life that I didn’t know existed.
I was not out of the woods yet. My depression persisted on and off for several years. Now, I have been depression free for some time, though it takes a battery of pills to keep me on course.
I know this sounds contradictory, but depression probably saved my life! My doctor told me I was headed for a heart attack. Had I not suffered depression, I would not have rediscovered the beauty of life and the blessing of creativity. So that’s my happy ending. Over 150 pictures later (notice, I don’t call it art, because I view others’ works on this website, and I am completely floored) I am happy with my life and cherish my wife and family. Oh, and about that job, I’m not in it any more. I work in the background, trying to help others be successful, and I enjoy it.
Anyway, that’s my story, and I hope you enjoy my pictures.


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