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Bryon Paul McCartney, Bonita Springs
Member Since January 2009
Artist Statement W H Y I D O T H I S
Three days before my first birthday, I had an accident that left me with third degree burns on my shoulders, face, neck and scalp. Throughout my childhood I was constantly ridiculed by other kids because of my scars. Even those I trusted and thought were my friends would eventually betray my trust, and being the subject of constant ridicule left me very introverted and shy.

As I grew older, my scars became less noticeable and I soon realized that being different was not always a bad thing. However, my childhood experiences left a mark on me and at times I suffered horribly from my insecurities and self doubts. Eventually, photography became a way for me to help myself repair those scars.

I started in photography with an interest in the human form in the context of the performance of a dancer or capturing images of the body in sculptural forms. I had always been a fan of ballet, dance, and the Cirque du Soleil and was intrigued by the idea of trying to capture the figure in motion.

W H Y B U Y M Y W O R K ?
Very simply, by purchasing my work you are supporting it and allowing it to continue. Art is not a business for me, it is a passion and one that requires a lot of effort and resources. There are the obvious expenses of travel, equipment, studios, post-production, but beyond that I also have to support the models and dancers that make the work possible.

Purchasing my work goes a long way to supporting these efforts. As a special bonus, anyone who buys my work can contact me to have the work signed, and/or receive a special anecdote about the image or how it was created. These are often funny stories about the creative process and working with perfectionist dancers and quirky models, and I do not share them publicly, only with my buyers. It's a special club.

I was born and raised in Ohio, and from age 10 lived near the shores of Lake Erie less than an hour's drive west of Cleveland. My youth was spent swimming in the lake and playing in the forests near my grandparent's house. After high school, I studied fine art and majored in graphic design. Although I had always been curious about photography, my love of typography, grids and page layout prevailed and I moved to Chicago after graduation to start my career as a designer.

As a designer I was always interested in the latest developments in computer technology. I received a bootleg copy of Photoshop when it was still in BETA in late 1990 and I used that software to win $5000 in a poster design contest. From there, I became increasingly interested in working with digital images and started doing a lot of retouching and compositing using scanned images.

My career as a designer flourished and by my 30s I was a Creative director working Switzerland for an international online design agency. Soon after I started shooting with my first DSLR, and within a year, I became the Photography Director and Lead Photographer of a Zurich-based travel and lifestyle magazine.

Early on in my development as a fine art figure photographer, I met the lovely, Giulia Piolanti, by chance at a workshop. We soon became friends and collaborators and have been working on and off for over ten years. Her career has taken her from being a dancer for a company in Milan, Italy, to traveling the world, performing with the Michael Jackson Immortal Tour by Cirque du Soleil. I am proud to say that I encouraged her to audition for the Cirque.

My work has received many awards and I have shot commercially for international brands and global companies. I am currently back in the USA.


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