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Chris Crowley, South Daytona
Member Since July 2008
Artist Statement I am an artist living in the Central Florida area. Florida offers photographers and artists opportunities few other places do. The landscapes, cloud formations, scenics, and wildlife here are incomparable.

When I discovered the world of digital photography, I also discovered what became for me, a new art form. Photos became the canvas for more art, and I can alter reality to suit myself, something I think every artist does to some extent! Over the last couple of years, I have developed my own unique style, which is somewhere between fine art and photography. Many of my photos have the look of a painting, and that is intentional. With ever developing technology and new equipment coming on the scene regularly, many people are beginning to be able to take better and better photographs, but I discovered that few people really have the eye of an artist for manipulating the composition, perspective, and lighting to achieve something more than a photograph. Even those whom I've seen produce world class HDR photography, which is very artistic, often lack the depth and mood in their work that I longed for, and so I began working on techniques which were very different, and instead of focusing on equipment, I've honed in on photography as an art form and sought to use it to capture not only a moment in time, but the FEELING of the moment. Art has been doing that for centuries, and photography now offers artists a new way to express the world as they would like to see it, not necessarily as it is.

Since I work as well as do art and photography, and also am active in my church, I have very little time for commenting and responding to peoples' comments on my work. Please bear this in mind, and know that I am not being arrogant or slighting you by not responding, or taking a very long time to respond! I am appreciative, but life happens!

Thank you for stopping by for a peek! I hope you enjoy my galleries!

P.S. Since finances have been tight, I will be reducing the number of my galleries. If anyone is interested in pics of Tigger, you can find them in the Animals gallery! The Sugar Mill Gardens shots, formerly in the Garden gallery, are now combined with my Artwork gallery. I will be gradually adding the garden shots to the Images gallery. Please DO scan through that gallery, as all shots other than animals and artwork will be found there in the future! Thanks for bearing with the changes while things are under construction!

Contact me to work on your own photos, or to hire me for a shoot on!


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Subjects Landscape, Natural
Style Landscape
Tags Chris, Crowley, Lake Dora, Mount Dora Florida, Mount Dora Lighthouse, lake, lake scenic, lighthouse, lighthouse scenic, nautical, red and white lighthouse, red and white striped lighthouse