Current Gallery: angels ( piece)
The 'Angel Art by Eve' collection is 'art that speaks to the heart'. There is a breath of 'mystery' about each angel picture. What makes each art piece unique? it is 'living' art.

The art pieces in this gallery at are angel pictures that can be viewed in a new book called: "Angel Art by Eve" by Eve Bierniat. This book will be coming out in the stores and online at in August 2008. There are 50 angel art pieces displayed in the new book along with 50 inspirational one-liners. Eve

"Angel of the Orient"  (2000) by angelartbyeve
  • Angel Playing the Harp Angel Playing the Harp
from $ 12
  • Jewels of the Nile Jewels of the Nile
from $ 12
  • Angel of the Orient Angel of the Orient
from $ 12

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