Current Gallery: waterandstone ( piece)

The oil paintings in this gallery are a result of my daily inspiration that I get from the diverse beauty of the Canary Islands.

      Do yourself a favor, make your
      friends being impressed,
      and hang one of my beautiful
      paintings as fine-art print on your wall.

It's easy and quick.

"Blossoms In Green"  (2008) by elandria
  • 05-art-3917abs 05-art-3917abs
from $ 29
  • Medieval Seascape Medieval Seascape
from $ 43
  • Colorful Autumn Colorful Autumn
from $ 29
  • Blossoms In Green Blossoms In Green
from $ 29
  • Volcanic Geology Of Canary Islands Volcanic Geology Of Canary Islands
from $ 38