Current Gallery: 99-allah-muhammad-names-one-print (9 pieces)
Last year I started a new project of writing the 99Names of Allah & 99 Names of Prophet in Khate Thuluth, on the one print, the actual names are written with Qalam in circular shape,I have the all names now also in vector format for the interior decoration of the mosques, I have copied the composition of Rash id Sb,completed thuluth calligraphy on the size 7"/ 9" paper, each name vector file is available with me. In My Gallery All Masterpieces are hand made Calligraphic work (Koranic Verses,Sayings of Holy Prophet Peace Be Upon Him,Sayings of Sahaba Karam etc) ,some on(Art Card,Canvas,Leather,Wood,Ceramic,Brass,Gemstone,Steel,Mirror,Paper,Digital,etc)Many of these Masterpieces Originals are with me,originals are also available for sale I have created more than 500 Masterpieces because I belong to the family of Calligraphers,interested people can contact me on my Email ( ),Many thanks in advance,for those who appreciates my work.
"Quraan in one view"  (2008) by hamidsart
  • Quraan in one view Quraan in one view
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