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The most beautiful names belong to Allah, so call on Him thereby. (7:180) Those who believe, and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah, for without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction. (13:28) “These all are Handmade Abstract Calligraohy Paintings of beautiful name of Allah Almighty on Canvas with Oil Paints.These could be comissioned in any size.It could be the best digital art also in the form of writing specially the names of the Great Allah Almighty have been finished,complete 99 fairest names of Allah,Allah said in The Holy Quran"Allah has the fairest names invoke him by them.There is no God except Him.To Him belong the most beautiful names.O you who believe! remember Allah with much rememberance". I would like to express that who like this work ,he knows better that where is the place of these masterpieces for display.interested people can contact me at hamidsart@gmail.comThe original Paintings & High resolution files are also with me .These are suitable for Framed Art,Printing Posters,Islamic Calanders,Islamic wall hangings,Huge Size Digital Prints,Prints on (Canvas,Card,Paper,Ceramics,Wood,every meterial.etc Hi to All,Dears In My Gallery My All Masterpieces are hand made Calligraphic work Islamic (Quranic Verses,Sayings of Holy Prophet Peace Be Upon Him,Sayings of Sahaba Karam etc) ,some on(Art Card,Canvas,Leather of Goat,leather of Deer and Camel Skin etc,Wood,Ceramic,Brass,Gemstone,Steel,Mirror,Paper,Digital,etc)Many of these Masterpieces Originals are also with me,originals are also available for sale. I have created more than 500 Masterpieces because I belong to the family of Calligrapers,interested people can contact me (to get original masterpieces and original files of my masterpieces in high resolution) on my Email is ,Many thanks in advance,for those who appreciates my work. Thanks for stopping by.
"Al-Nafi^"  (2005) by hamidsart
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