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Oh my god! Stop him! He's using the RED Pencil again!! Too late, I'm off to a cafe, soaking up some flavor and spilling out my mind onto the page of my sketchbook, and these are the results. Quirky, crazy, bizarre, fun, serious, ideas and concepts rendered in red glory. Expose yourself to my world and buy some of these prints to brighten up your abode. Just think,... a little bit of me in your house,... or a friend's house, apartment, condo, townhouse, spacious loft, Bank, Office, Gallery, (Start your own Mike Cressy gallery) Store, Cafe, Coffee House, Theater. Yeah, it's dark in theaters but that's why they have those little gallery painting lights. Let me hear you say: "Hi Mike"
  • Rappin' protest... Rappin' protest...
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  • Metal Dude Metal Dude
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