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See a closeup of this beautiful Sichuan province, China map by visiting my website at: This artist-rendered map of Sichuan shows the locations of orphanages that participate in international adoptions, and are beautifully detailed with major cities, roads, railroads and waterways - all hand-drawn.

Each of my maps begins with a hand-rendering in ink, followed by digital editing and finishing touches that make it both a unique and beautiful work of art. Each original province map takes well over 150 hours of work! These make perfect gifts for China adoptive families.

Personalization can be incorporated right into your map by contacting me prior to purchase; and you can view personalized samples and access countless resources about China and its orphanage locations by visiting my website at:

Best wishes, Hendrika

"Sichuan China Orphanage Location Map"  (2008) by redthreadmaps
Sichuan China Orphanage Location Map
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