Current Gallery: raptors ( piece)
Raptors, or birds of prey, have keen eyesight, hunt for their food, and use their sharp talons to capture and rip apart their prey. Birds included in this gallery are: owls, eagles, hawks, ospreys, falcons, vultures, buzzards, harriers, and Kites.
"Eagle Flying Before the Storm"  (2012) by spadecaller
  • Spade's Red Tailed Hawk Spade's Red Tailed Hawk
from $ 18
  • Eagle Flying Before the Storm Eagle Flying Before the Storm
from $ 16
  • Osprey Fleeing Osprey Fleeing
from $ 16
  • Blue Night Owl Blue Night Owl
from $ 16
  • Hawk in Long Leaf Pine Tree Hawk in Long Leaf Pine Tree
from $ 16
  • Red-Tailed Hawk Red-Tailed Hawk
from $ 14
  • Osprey over Lake Tarpon Osprey over Lake Tarpon
from $ 16
  • Eagle in the Pines Eagle in the Pines
from $ 16
  • Red Hawk Hunting Red Hawk Hunting
from $ 15