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I am. I was born. I live. Before now; as a younger person, I explored art works by other artist and appreciated many of them. Despite the theme or description of each of these works, I took the liberty of attributing personal meanings to all the works of art I was privileged to come by. Today, as an older person and an artist (among other things), my galleries 'LiveAuctor & YagBlaArt' exist so as to bring my art to the world of art in order that they may be appreciated, critiqued and yes collected. I display all of my works without any apparent description save their names; for indeed each beholder must be left to savour them personally. This is because art, just like words is spirit, thus it lives and truly exists to convey varied meanings to the multitude of beholders who would dare to stop and appreciate it. The selections in this gallery represent a range of styles you may expect to see in my other five galleries : In all, I have about 1000 original work in diverse medium. The aim of these Galleries is to provide a convenient place where quality Art prints can be purchased on demand. Only prints copies of these works are available for collection as yet. Feel free to view and purchase a few copies. Thanks you. Ace Doxa
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