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Mirfarhad Moghimi
Member Since September 2009
Artist Statement BIO :

My name is , " Mirfarhad Moghimi ", and I am an Iranian Artist ,and a, Digital Artist and a Digital Painter . I am also, a Author and , a Poet.The city of my birth and, I have borned and I have raised is , the city of ' Rasht ' in , IRAN . And , for some years of my life, I have lived in USA, and I have been studied in the university of , ' SIUC ' , in USA . And I am currently living in Rasht , in IRAN .


I am , an Iranian Artist ,and a Digital Artist and a Digital painter .And, I am a , self - taught Artist, and , I am self – educated Artist, and a freelance Artist. My art works are , with the style and with the subject of , Abstract, Pop Art , Mixed Media , Modern Art, Contemporary of Art,and Collage and , Digital Abstract of paintings .And the reason I am creating of my art works of my painting and my drawing,and of my digital painting, are that, I love people of this planet earth, try to love and try to learn more and more and day by day, and be deeply friend of a friend of, with Peace, Honesty , Respect , self - confidence , with enough relationship and with deep friendship, by seeing and visiting of my artworks of my paintings which my artworks strongly made it and represented and would and do fitted for all of you , to learn and then to enjoy it , in private or with your the family and friends and colleages of yours with my art works of my hand painting and with my digital painting,for yourself and for ourself . So, my fresh moods of my unique and brilliant moods of my fresh moods of my paint, are always are with the fresh subjects for my new paintings and for my new drawing, because I love colours. And, I love colour of ink and also I love the colour of Acrylic Colour.All of my sofar made hand painting I have done it with ink colour , and soon in future, I am gonna start to paint with my loved colour, Acrylic colour.My moods and my hands and my eyes,made me and created my artworks,and the inspiration are with me are,with the subjects of the Galaxy, Milky Way , Nature , Trees , Planet Earth , Peace, Love , and …. .And I hope the audience and the art lovers and the art collectors,would loves my hand paintings and my digital paintings of my painted of my self-confidence and honesty of my painting and my drawing.And also my original made hand painting are for sale ,to the public of art lovers in the world.And how?please visit and buy my art works of my paintings , via at these art site ;




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Subjects Christmas, Earth Day, Famous Faces, Holiday, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Occupations, People, Spiritual & Religious, Spirituality, Thanksgiving
Style Drawing
Tags Mirfarhad, Moghimi, black, brain, eyes, face, orders, yellow