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Michelle Nascimento, Cape Coral
Member Since December 2009
Artist Statement my name is michelle
i make and sell jewelry online and i like to take pictures.

I'm working hard to give the world something it doesn't have and to share it with you

I am Michelle aka highwaycatcher, a mixed media artist born and raised in Rhode Island and moved to Cape Coral, Florida in 2003. I enjoy watching movies and being addicted to the internet and play with new creative ideas that pop in and out of my head.

I started for a number of reasons. Primarily because it is hard to find femine gauged earrings/plugs that DANGLE! I wanted to create alternative earrings for people like myself and my friends with out breaking bank for expensive materials like wood or bone. exists so that you don't feel restricted, so you can wear unconventional earrings for your unconventional holes.


* lobes 7/8 in
* septum
* 2nd and 3rd holes to be stretched next
* double tragus
* double navel, top and bottom
* 9 tattoos

Lost Mods:

* smiley
* tongue web
* nipples
* right cartilage
* half way ups

I have always created things in one form or another. Be it out of paper, needle and thread, glue, I will try pretty much any medium. I have an interest in all things creative and imaginative and I believe that life is composed of creative and imaginative things you just need a special way of looking at it. isn't just a store, its a gallery. It's where my artwork will be able to be displayed for anyone to see it. It exists to promote discussion regarding the artistic process, imagination and design techniques. Eventually. I understand that it is all just the beginning now and slowly the site will grow to what I expect it to become.

I have always loved to work with my hands and even as a child I constantly had to keep them busy. I learned how to sew and crochet very young. I'm a mediocre sketch artist with aspirations to improve at that as well. I took up photography when I was about 18 and have over 80 gigs of pictures that I've taken from that time till present.

I am a member of (a post card community) and I love to send and receive mail. My username is highwaycatcher:

I enjoy reading and have a account. My username is highwaycatcher

I also have kept a personal blog for the last 6 years, I use and again, my username is highwaycatcher.


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