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Bozy Bahary, Harpers Ferry West Virginia
Member Since August 2010
Artist Statement BIOGRAPHY

Born in Teheran, Iran in 1948, I was immediately shipped off with my sister to Europe to be educated. I started my education in France, with the good sisters. A school for girls’ run by nuns, being the wrong gender, my tenure was short lived. The next step in my education was the British boarding school system; I survived that educational system, and moved back to Paris, France at age nineteen to avoid the Iranian military draft and for further enlightenment.
I had been painting since the age of thirteen, but in Paris I did my first serious work. I did a mural that covered my entire bedroom wall, and depicted Napoleon’s retreat from Russia in great gory detail. From Paris I moved to New York, and my work took a different approach. I began to look at utilitarian objects, with an eye to esthetics.
In the early seventies, telephones were black and boring, and lent themselves to my new vision of esthetically functional machines.
Whilst driving a cab in the city, I found a World War II gas mask lying on the street. This karmic gift became the first esthetically functional telephone. Several telephone variations followed, the farm phone being the last.
Why stop with the telephone? Automobiles seemed a logical step forward. In 1980 after a brief marriage and an equally brief divorce, I found myself alone. Freed from the bonds of matrimony and civility, I began to work once more. My 1971 Firebird became the next esthetically functionally machine. In 1994 the urge to do another car compelled me to do Sassquash.
After completing the first telephone, conventional painting seemed very two dimensional and lost it’s allure. All my subsequent paintings became three dimensional, and the use of unconventional mediums became the norm; you may view these works on my web site.
Furniture design and the need to repeat endlessly the four-legged table and chair, has always posed a challenge for me. This quest for the banishment of legs has led me to design and build many variations, ranging from one-line structures to multiple jigsaw puzzle chairs. The goal in all these designs is simplicity, elegance, comfort, and no formal bonding material of any kind or legs. My furniture can also be seen on my web site (
The advent of the computer, and the ability to manipulate digital imagery to previously unattainable limits, has brought me back full circle to painting once more. I now have the ability to create images that could not exist in the real world, and manipulate them so as to achieve impossible perspectives, and content. Once these images are graphically completed I can paint them on canvas, thereby creating a new art form. The Confuser and Nuked Minds are examples of this new form.
I now live in the mountains of West Virginia and finally have some open space to work in. Having open space gives me the freedom to do larger structures that are art as well as being esthetically functional. The Arbor and the Gazebo are examples of my current work. This is my new direction and I march forward excitedly to new vistas.
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