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Gavin Veasey, Dugway, UT
Member Since May 2007
Artist Statement I was born in Kentucky in 1990 AD. But I consider Alabama my home state. I have traveled all along the the Eastern united States and found my self in Alabama for half my life. There I became a born again Christian on my 10th birthday and since I have been debating Athists and evolutionists. I used to be in comic making but after while I got tired of it and drifted into the realm of photography in 2004. Since then I have been getting pictures with my DiMAGE Z2 and having fun traveling around getting pictures (NEWS FLASH! As of August 07 I have been getting shots with my Nikon D40.). After moving to the grand state of Utah and living at Dugway Proving Ground I have been busy with Chapel/Church photography and family stuff. As for my personal world view I am a evangelical Christian which in a nut shell means I am very active in what the LORD has commanded me and ALL Christians too do: "Go and teach all nations!" (Matthew 28:18-20). With my personal time I go to "public school" which is OK and not to hard compared to the other public schools I have been too. Other then school I hang out with my brothers and pets. I often ride my bike to look for pictures to get. I also like to blog photos and make foolish videos. Oh and my favorite thing is to write about creation science/I.D. and debate Athists (Oh yea I all ready said that!). My plans in life to become a good speaker and get an RV and travel America speaking on creation science and getting pictures along the way. But right now I am happy to be living in where God has placed me Dugway, UT.


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