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Rhonda Phair, Thunder Bay
Member Since June 2007
Artist Statement I have a great love for nature. I spend as much time as possible exploring its beauty and sharing it with the world through my expressions of art. My artwork and designs come from a various mixture of media and mediums. I use digital photography as well as sketches, and some painting. Combinations of the various mediums, digital enhancements through software programs, provide textures and themes to create original inner vision. I am an artist who loves to create and experiment with different expressions. Much of my artwork expresses my spiritual beliefs and as such, I consider myself to be an aspiring pagan artist.


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Tags Extroverted, Optimistic, Phair, Rhonda, abstract, adventurous, age, aggressive, aloramyst, ardent, art, artist, artwork, attractive, audacious, avid, bay, black, bold, brash, brave, buoyant, canada, canadian, candle, canvas, challenges, charismatic, charming, cheerful, circles, cocky, colors, commanding, confidence, confident, contemporary, courage, courageous, creative, curves, dare-devilish, daring, deco, devil-may-care, digital, divine, eager, ebullient, element, energetic, enthusiasm, enthusiastic, expressions, exuberant, fears, feelings, fiery, fire, flames, foolhardy, force, forceful, harvest, hasty, headstrong, heedless, heroic, hot-headed, hot-tempered, impatient, impetuous, impu, inspiring, intrepid, inventive, invigorating, magic, magick, magnetic, modern, new, ontario, oracle, orange, original, originality, outgoing, pagan, painting, passionate, personal, posters, potential, power, prints, reckless, red, restless, risk-taking, self-assured, self-confident, shapes, spheres, spirit, spiritual, strength, tarot, thoughtless, thunder, undaunted, valiant, white, wholehearted, wicca, witch, witchcraft, yellow