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Project Green Jungle, Florida, New York, and Costa Rica
Member Since September 2008
Artist Statement Green Jungle is a project of the Florida International Teaching Zoo (FITZ). FITZ is a nonprofit organization that mainly serves visitors and residents of North-Central Florida. We provide a continuum of services ranging from low cost pet and vaccination clinics to breeding and education of Endangered Species and zoo management consulting. Our agency also works closely with numerous zoos, and educational facilities to help
shape, lead, and supply them with the proper information to create a safer, healthier environment for the public, the staff, and the animals as well. You will find us involved in such diverse program areas as captive wildlife management, family pet inoculations, zoo management, and captive animal breeding for zoos.
FITZ has operated as an accredited certificate issuing zoo management classroom in the state of Florida in the past, and is currently developing two new courses to reach a broader target audience. FITZ offers a secluded facility which allows for emphasis on endangered species management. The teaching zoo staff continues to offer off-site educational programs and expanded distance learning courses. Utilizing modern principles of zoo exhibit design and captive reproduction, the zoo specializes in selected species, including jaguars, nene geese, dingoes, and patas monkeys. Future projects on-site will include elephant reproduction and a free flight aviary. FITZ prides itself on its common sense approach to captive animal husbandry. The overhead for FITZ has always come from revenues generated by our programs. As of yet, FITZ has not accepted any funds via contributions or donations.
FITZ is in a unique position to create an economically and environmentally responsible program that will be driven by commercial markets in Project Green Jungle. Through the development of our ideas on captive husbandry we have outlined a plan that will bring income, training and improved living conditions for the indigenous communities involved. This project will use a commercial market to act as a catalyst to fund research, education, and environmental conservation.
After over fifteen years of operating as a zoological facility, FITZ is poised to make a social, economic, and environmental impact. By developing the program into a fully operating field station, Project Green Jungle will develop our ideals into a realistic working project. Specifically, we will base our decisions on what is the most mutually beneficial for the advancement of all the areas of interest in this program:
• Social Responsibility
• Environmental Responsibility
• Research and Education
However, major challenges face Project Green Jungle in the future. These include the need to:
1. Fund the program, including possible expansion of the existing zoo, and building a field station.
2. Employ additional staff to handle the day to day operations of our facilities.
3. Purchase field collecting equipment, transportation and equipment for the lab/field station.
The Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers of FITZ and Project Green Jungle continue to work toward providing a quality program experience in the most effective and efficient manner possible with optimism for the future of this program.

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