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EJ Michaels, San Francisco
Member Since March 2010
Artist Statement Studied photography since age 13. Could only afford black and white, so stayed with black and white for most of the work that I do.

What's surprising to me is that throughout all of my photographic life, I have absolutely hated, hated portraiture. I felt that all of the studio photographers were limited in their options to create something truly interesting.

Then one day, I brought the subject into a real environment. I did that first shoot in an upscale hotel room. And everything changed for me.

I was the one who did most of the moving around. A full 360 degrees, not limited by a studio 180 degree (at most) backdrop. Suddenly I had so much more to work with. And, by taking each shoot to a different room, to a different hotel, to a different city and a different country, each of my shoots felt different for me. Each was unique in its own way.

And, of course, each person I was working with brought their own uniqueness in so many ways, from who they were (personalities, life experiences, and so much more), to what they brought as wardrobe.

The variables were so great, and continue to be so great, that I simply cannot predict what the outcome will be.

What is certain, is that what we will capture will be something that has not been captured before.

For those of you who are about to purchase some of my work, I am truly appreciative of your support. It means a lot to me to know that there was a split second in time that has captured your imagination, your emotion.

And for the amazing women I have worked with, I have nothing but adornment to offer. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to explore and work with my imagination, and to engage you imagination in the process. I enjoyed every moment, and recall all of it.

And for those I have yet to work with, please do not hesitate to reach out to contact me. Especially if you have not worked as a model much. Many of these women you see in these galleries have only done a handful of shoots. We can do amazing things when given the right circumstances!

Kindest regards,



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