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Courtney Cameron, LaGrange
Member Since September 2007
Artist Statement I'm a Colorpencil started off in tha 2nd grade. Drawing pictures in class and doing sketches. By my 4th grade year, I was getting a little better. I started off doing shading, then i finally mastered that by my 5th grade year. By tha 6th grade i was drawing cars, animals, and houses just for tha fun of it (in class). By my 9th grade year i took it more seriously and still drawing in class when i dont suppose in trouble sometimes but never got written up. And i had tha same art teacher when i came to High School Mr. Close...been knowing him every since tha 4th grade. Took some of his class in High School, along with another teacher in High School. Between my 11th and my 12 grade year I became a colorpencil artist. I started out in (Ms. Olney) class doing a assignment in class had to draw leaves that we had to pick off of trees. After that tha class had to color tha leaves in colorpencil. My drawing came out to look pretty good just to be in crayola...they look like a real leaf! So i did another assignment in class. Basically we can do any kind of picture we wanted to do, so i did a car (Saleen S7 twin turbo), I did that in colorpencil. It was crayola. It took about one month and one day to finish in class. I was working hard on it, off and on some of tha time. It turn out to be a GREAT colorpencil friend wanted it so I sold it to him for 25 dollars...that was real cheap but i did it out of nice-ness. After then it was a whole bunch of people that wanted me to do a picture for them for me to draw. So i did some i never messed up on anyone of them, becuz i took my time on them. And then one day in class my friend gave me a set of Prismacolors. Man!!! Those are tha best color i had ever worked with...those made tha picture look so real. Everybody thought that it was tha real photo picture after i had got finish with it. If you looked at tha Football players I did that is done in Prismacolors that and Kobe Bryant...but Rihanna is done in pencil. And since then I been drawing in colorpencil...i still do regular pencil sometimes. Painting and oils I cant do anything like that, anything wet i cant just with colorpencils you can control tha lines and color instead of making unwanted misstakes, just ez to work with. BETTER THAN PAINTING TO ME...If anyone would like a drawing of themselves, I would be glad to do one just e-mail me and upload tha picture to tha email and I will do it…trust me it will look real like a photo... :-)


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