Stretched Canvas

Modern Lines

Contemporary White

Natural Clear Maple

Unframed print

Karen Kiefer, Kailua, Hawaii
Member Since August 2008
Artist Statement Manifesting beautiful imagery in classical, cubist, and surrealistic superconsious wavelengths Kiefer's paintings mesmerize with joy filled heart pounding wish filling heart melting passion . Just when you think you know what's going on in an image, wham, you realize you have been taken along on a paradigm altering ride. A ride that will leave you more in love with yourself and life than you ever imagined possible. Kiefer leaves no stones unturned. Religion, Politics, Aliens, LOVE...nothing is too much in Kiefer's imagination and passion for spelunking the depths of what we really think and feel . She is dedicated to making the world a better place by shining lights into our dark corners; the scary parts that turn out to be just hidden aspects of our internal and external landscapes, reflections of our beliefs, and the stories we tell from these points of views. Kiefer also climbs the highest dandilions to shout " We are here! " She is courageously and happily exploring her art and her life in a quest for us all to be inspired to live in synergy and harmony in this universe together. She invites you to dive into her imagery and texts here at Imagekind and at her web site,
She has set her prices so that you can purchase the very biggest versions of her work at the lowest cost, so you can really enjoy the fun and beauty of her world.


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