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Keith Horvath, Brick, NJ
Member Since March 2007
Artist Statement H'mm. Talking about my self is easy to do. Writing it down for others to see is like changing my shirt in the window of Macy's in NY city on Christmas Eve. A little or major big time uncomfortable or a whole lot of fun.

All my work is mine and created with Nikon equipment. This is a D2x camera and either a 24mm to 70mm or 70mm to 200mm. I created and captured the image first in my mind. Before taking a photograph, it usually is pictured in my mind first.

The way we all see these things is the same yet different. If we both are looking at a horse, it is to us both a horse. And then the similarities end. I contribute this to my God given talent to and the ability see and read the light and how I will interpret
what is seen. Then being able to create this image, in my mind, into a photography on a paper or any other such substrate. This has taken quite a few years to do, and accomplish. Learning all the technical attributes ( and continue to learn) and to grow to see things differently and more "creative" in my own head and world.

All this is an ongoing process. What use to take me a 2-3 hours to capture and satisfy , like my original horse portraits, now can take 15-20 minutes.

This translates into many things. The first is having more time to photograph, and take less time per portrait and charge more for my services. This is broken down into different areas.

Ever since I was a little kid, looking through a lens always intriqued me and I always wanted to do it more. My Aunt Etta's Kodak Instamatic to my Dad's Brownie and later the Polaroid B&W Land camera while we were on vacation.

He bought me a 35mm Honeywell/Pentax with standard 50mm and later on a wide angle lens. It was used and a little over my head at 11, I stil managed to take some neat pictures. Always was I looking through the lens at things (and life) as differently as I could.

Today I am a professional photographer who has come into his own. The photographs I create are beautiful and heart felt by myself, customers and those viewing my work.

Keith Horvath



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