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Sherebiah Designs, North Carolina
Member Since October 2009
Artist Statement We give God the glory for giving us the inspiration for starting our photography business over twenty years ago. We did the usual weddings, portraits, and event photography all those years but now we are concentrating on the Christian art that God has given us over the last 20 years. During that time, we have taken over 20,000 images at passion plays and created still life images but the technology to manipulate them the way we see them in our spirit and in our imagination has just now caught up with us.

We take the photo as a starting point and add digital editing and manipulation with the pen tablet until the photo is a mixture of photography and graphic arts. In this way, the photo then becomes more like the image we wanted so long ago but could not produce, even in the dark room.

At Sherebiah Designs, we feel that telling others about the love of Jesus is even more important than the selling of our artwork. God gave us this idea all those years ago, to create Christian art that went beyond just adding verses to pretty landscapes (although we do some of that too).

We wanted images that were impactful, hard-hitting, powerful, and thought provoking. Images that stirred up some of the same feelings that people had as they witnessed Him on the "Via Dolorosa", as they saw Him on the cross. Some of the ones of Jesus can be a bit hard to look at but His crucifixion was not pretty...with one little drop of blood on his forehead. Isaiah 52 says he was marred beyond human likeness. Not only was He unrecognizable, He barely looked human.

We have Christian photography that is very unique with many themes that we have taken over the last decades. Each one takes hours or days to get it like we want it and we’ll be adding more all the time. They make wonderful gifts for your friends and are witnessing tools to prominently display in your home, office or church. When someone mentions it or stops to look at it, you have an open door to start telling them about Jesus, send them out with a tract or simply invite them to church.

God gave us this idea, to get these images out into the world to be witnesses of His deep love and devotion toward us and to be used as tools. If you have any questions about Sherebiah Designs or prayer requests, email us at with Imagekind in the subject line. Blessings!


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