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Neil Creek, Melbourne
Member Since January 2008
Artist Statement Neil Creek is a passionate Australian photographer. He is motivated by the beauty of the world and likes to experiment with photographic techniques such as panoramic and 3D photography. He is participating in Project 365 - a photo every day for a year - on his blog.


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Tags 360, Cervantes, Creek, Geological, ImageKind, Neil, Place of Interest, STUNNING, Travel Photography, Western Australia, ancient, australia, backlit, beautiful, blue, bold, bright, brown, cloud, clouds, cloudscape, color, colorful, colour, colourful, composite, country, desert, deserted, dirt, dry, environment, erosion, evening, exterior, famous, fisheye, formation, geography, geology, glare, glary, glow, gold, golden, grand, high contrast, horizontal, horizontal orientation, hot, isolated, jagged, landmark, landscape, limestone, magnificence, magnificent, multiple exposure, national park, natural, natural landscape, natural light, nature, ochre, old, orange, outdoor, outside, panorama, parkland, peaceful, pillar, pillars, pinnacles, popular, quiet, radiant, ray, rays, red, remarkable, remote, rock, rock formation, rural, sandy, scenery, scenic, serene, serenity, shadow, silent, sky, stark, still, stone, sun, sun Rays, sunny, sunset, sunshine, texture, textured, tourism, tourist, tourist attraction, tourist destination, travel, vibrant color, view, vista, vivid, warm, warmth, west, wide, wide angle, yellow