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Charles Hoffman, Boise
Member Since April 2009
Artist Statement Charles and Tracy Hoffman..."The Contemporary Aesthetic Landscape"

It is in our wanderings on this planet. It is available in the journeys we are on. Revelation is eternally present. But have you seen it's shadows lately, it's glory? Beauty is revealed if we look. Are we paying attention? Are we having those inevitable encounters? It can pierce your heart just as affliction will. Is it your desire to go there?

We must have a great measure of beauty in our lives. The world is overflowing with beauty. God seems enamored with it. It's magic lies beyond the power of words.

It is in these lines from the poet Wordsworth that inspire us to pursue the imagery of our world and share the experience:
Thanks to the human heart by which we live,
Thanks to it’s tenderness, it’s joys and and fears,
To me the meanest flower that blows can give
Thoughts that to often lie too deep for tears.

Our desire is to speak of beauty’s healing power and how it soothes and comforts, yet also how it stirs us and moves and inspires us. How it speaks to our heart. What we hope to do is validate those irreplaceable moment that we encounter with beauty, then dissolve any obstacle we may have to filling our lives with greater amounts of it.

Our imagery is about beauty and the desire to experience the truly great landscapes of the West. It is beauty that takes us places we have never seen. Places that are quiet, wild and free. We are most alive when inspired by the vision and the secrets it holds.

Its about the passion to see the essence of a moment and the hidden beauty unnoticed. We most appreciate the revelation in form, mystery, texture, color and character. It is about beauty. Beauty is pure gift. And the gift is revealing a hint of eternity to you.

This is a collection of images from Idaho and the Northwest that Tracy and I have photographed over a period of years since 2002, discovering our passionate desire to experience the beauty of a country we had only begun to explore. Our hope is to inspire your hearts and fill a part of your life with beauty. (Our images are not altered in Photoshop, but they remain in the RAW format for tone exposure and hue adjustments, and are printed from the RAW format as well. And as you will note, all our images are not of the same ratio...they are of their own unique look and size.)


2006 International Photography Awards, L.A.: Honorable Mentions for four landscape images or series and one wedding series
2007 International Photography Awards, L.A.: Honorable Mention for fine art series, “Yellowstone Series”
2008 International Photography Awards, L.A.: Honorable Mention for a B&W landscape series from the 2008 trip to Yellowstone and a fine art piece shot last spring in Albertson Park in Boise.
2009 International Photography Awards, L.A.:Honorable Mention for a B&W Series titled "Snow Fences, 2009, Wyoming"

Le Cafe De Paris, First Thursday Show, Boise, 2005
Idaho Photographic Workshop Holiday Gala Show, Boise, 2005
St. Alphonsus RMC, Boise, 2005
Second Annual Arts & Crafts Exhibition, Meridian, January 2006
Third Annual Idaho Photographic Workshop Holiday Show, Boise, 2006
Solo Show, St. Alphonsus RMC, Boise August 2008
City of Meridian, Art in Public Spaces, October 2008
Solo Show, A New Adventure, Boise November 2008
Solo Show, Initial Point Gallery, Meridian, Idaho, Jan-Feb 2009
Spiritual Film Festival Auction, Ketchum, Idaho, September, 2009


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