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Stretched Canvas

Modern Lines

Contemporary White

Classical Baroque

Unframed print

Nancy Wood, Santa Ana
Member Since September 2010
Artist Statement Radical Reconstruction Fine Art employs found artists materials, in order to document transient habitats, in crisis: these fugitive observations and analysis result in reconstruction through grass roots civil rights activism. For example, homeless people have no voice and are easily constructed by 'support groups,' as needy, broken, and lost, while the 'support groups,' are, in fact, supporting themselves at the expense of their 'grim human resource:' using people as an expendable lost leader. Radical Reconstruction artists, maneuver through the homeless community depicting incidents of coercive subjugation, by 'benefactors' who benefit from the disenfranchisement of their subjects. If homelessness could be eradicated by supporting charities it would have been eliminated long ago. Charities perpetuate homelessness, not merely with careless indifference but with deliberation and malice of forethought. Which came first the chicken or the egg, poverty or poverty pimps? When asked why soup line recipients are forced to eat each others diseases by being denied clean plates for seconds, Mary's Kitchen, Catholic Soup Line of Orange California, board member Gloria, replied, "Well, I can't get to everything, I guess, I can only take on so much, clean plates cost ten cents, so they can't have them, if they don't like it they can go some place else, they can go to Denny's." Gloria takes in millions each year, thirty thousand each week from the collection plate alone, she has zero expenses, the plates are donated, the food is donated, the labor is donated, yet she makes her 'guests' eat off of trays that they are forced to wash in the same cold water sinks that are used by Hep-C victims to shave and to dress leprosy soars. Children are served from contaminated water samovars that support infectious diseases including gonorrhea and syphilis. In turn these diseases are delivered to the outlying community: with deliberate malevolence. -Because when someone gets something for nothing, particularly boatloads of 'dogooder dollars, contempt knows no limits: Gloria believes that she will be canonized for her good deeds, just like Mother Teresa. The nine year old twins who contracted syphilis from drinking water contaminated by the battered bloodied toothless prostitute in line in front of them may not agree that Saint Gloria is an icon of kindness.


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Style Urban/Industrial
Tags Nancy, Wood, civil rights