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Sarah Anderson
Member Since December 2010
Artist Statement Sarah Anderson is scarcely seen without her camera, much to the chagrin of friends & pets. Now she's turning that chagrin in to smiles & grins by sharing her talents with world via her latest invention, something she calls the world wide web. I'm not sure if it will catch on, but it seems impressive.

Born in the small coastal town of Northern California's Fort Bragg, Sarah spent much of her early years writing.

After writing novels, such as "Gone With The Wind," "War & Peace" & "Catcher In The Rye," Sarah moved to screenplays, such as "Casablanca," "Vertigo," "Citizen Cane," & "Team America: World Police," then moved happily along to song writing, penning such classics as, "My Way" for Frank Sinatra, "What's Going On" for Marvin Gaye, "Beethoven's 5th Symphony" for Bach, which he foolishly rejected & a number of songs for a little known band out of England called the Beatles. Sarah's art was interrupted in, what many would consider, her prime creative years when
she was called on to storm the beach at Normandy some scuffle between governments.

Later she started a series of "normal" jobs. She was a model around the world. During which time she served as inspiration for such works as Rosie The Riveter, Mona Lisa & The Statue Of Liberty. She was briefly a
psychiatrist, but after teaching a high-strung gentleman named Siddhartha Gautama Buddha, to, as she put it, "just relax" she moved to India to become a dietitian for one Mohandas Gandhi. When he was sadly assassinated she moved to Berlin where she took a government job where she mostly oversaw the tearing down of an old wall. She felt she
had been denying her artistic yearnings long enough so she moved back to America to resume her artistic endeavors.

Sarah decided to take a little break and let others due the work. She moved to Hollywood to become a director.

After scoring some minor hits as a director, such as "E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial," "Jurassic Park," "Avatar" & "The Twilight Series" she returned to her real passions photography & painting. These are her achievements; touch them, smell them, hear them, feel them, but most importantly taste them. If you have time &/or energy after that
you may also observe them, drink them in with your eyes. That is a true the sense that it is truly a story. Sarah will tell you the true story of who she is through her beautiful art. I have to go I feel something burning. - Joan Of Arc (May 30, 1431)

That's what I get for asking a comedian/writer to help me write a bio! Thanks D! (

Photography runs deep through my family history. My grandfather was a photographer. My mother is a photographer.

Eventually I got tired of the camera being aimed in my direction and decided to take control and be the photographer. I am a bit old fashioned with my camera. I have a digital, but only use it for quick snapshots. I
feel any fool can take a "picture" with a digital camera, that the art of photography has been lost with the invent of this modern convenience. People no longer pay attention to light & shadow & contrast before they shoot a picture. I have a 35mm Canon that I have had for many years. I use it for my artsy pictures. I've taken photography, both black & white and color darkroom all through college. Maybe I'm just comfortable, and don't want to adapt, but it works, so I'm not switching, for now...

I started painting when I was younger than I can remember. Art classes were always my first educational choice, whenever I was given one. As a kid arts & crafts were always my "babysitter." As I journeyed through my high school education & on into college I always made time for art classes. I finally got serious after college and started taking every art class I could find. From my experiences I have decided my preferred mediums are acrylic paints & watercolor pencils.

I'm currently learning the arts of drawing & animation in hopes of creating the most exciting & exhilarating cartoon of


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