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Pablo Bobbio, Houston
Member Since April 2008
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Pacific Western University
(U.S.A.) DOCTOR IN PHILOSOPHY ( Ph.D. )Major in Behavioral Science with emphasis in Art Counseling.
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
School of Visual Arts, Rosario University.
(ARGENTINA) - MASTER IN VISUAL ARTS ( MFA ). With minor in social psychology.
Painter and writer. Art consultant.
Authorized representing: Accademia Carrara di Belle Arti of Bergamo, Italy, in U.S.A.Author of the books, "Art: A Life System", Basis for a different artistic education. 1990-1992,“The silent language of the body” 1997.
Awards (selected):1984,First Prize. "Parisiennes in the Arts" Competition Buenos Aires, Argentina.1983,Third Prize Prilidiano Pueyrredon Award, Buenos Aires, Argentina.1979, Cecilia Grierson Award. National Salon of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina.1975, First Honorable. Manuel Belgrano Salon, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Second Prize, Francesco Romero Fellowship, National Endowment of the Arts, Argentina.1974,Pio Collivadino Award. National Salon of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since 1984, chose not to participate or compete for awards of any kind due to ideological differences.
.Chairman of the Department of Visual Arts. School of Humanities and Art. National University of Rosario, Argentina.In charge of teaching staff of over 100 and of a curriculum of 56 courses.Rosario, Sta. Fe. 1980-1983.
.Full Professor in the Department of Visual Arts, School of Humanities and Arts, National University of Rosario, Argentina. Courses offered: Painting I and II, Composition and Color Theory, and Drawing I and II. 1980-1983.
.Organizer of the Arche Art Salons and Mural Projects for the city of Buenos Aires collaborating with the National Cultural Secretary.1982-1983.
.Invited Professor for the International Center for Advanced Studies in Art, New York University, New York, U.S.A. 1981 / 1983.
.Founder the Art Department of the East - West Association, Tavertet,
Barcelona, Spain, 1989.
.Founder the Art Department in the Center for the Development of Human Welfare, Menorca. Baleares Islands, Spain, 1989.
.Artist teacher, Texas Institute for Art and Education, Houston, Texas, 1996 -1997.
Short seminars and workshops given
Seminar on " The Art of Change", Principado de Andorra, Escola Universitaria d'Estudis Empresarials, Universidad de Barcelona, Spain, 2003.
Establish Seminar on “The Language of Creation” and “The Silent Language of the Body”, Be Center, Houston, TX, 2001 / 02
Seminar on Introduction to Graphic Design and Digital Images for Kids, Texas Institute for Art and Education, Houston, TX. February 2001.
Seminar on “Creativity”, The Glassell School of Art, Junior School, Houston, TX, February, 2000 / 2001.
Seminar on “The Art of Change”, Le Seu d’Urgel, Lleida, Spain, 2000 / 2003.
Seminar on “The Art of Change”, “The Power of Creativity”, Center of Wellbeing and Creativity, Kiental, Swizerland, 2001.
Workshop on “Creativity ”, Accademia Carrara di Belle Arti, Bergamo, Italy, 2000.
Workshop on “Elements of Perception”, Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, (Catedra: Phiscology of Perception), Pinacoteca di Brera, Milano, Italy, April, 2000.
Seminar on “Creativity”, Leadership Department, Rice University,Texas , 2000
Establish seminar on “The Art of Change”, Jung Center, Texas, 1996 / 1999.
Seminar on “The Art of Change”, Multicultural Education and Counseling Through the Arts M.E.C.A., Houston, Texas.1996.
Seminar on "Body and Art in Motion II". East/ West Assoc.Center for Humanistic Therapy, Tavertet, Barcelona, Spain. 1991.
Seminar on "The Silent Language". Jung Center, Houston, Texas,1990.
Seminar on "Body and Art in Motion II". Center for the Development of Human Welfare, Menorca, Baleares Islands, Spain. 1990.
Seminar on "Body and Art in Motion II", East/West Assoc. Center for Humanistic Therapy, Tavertet, Barcelona, Spain. 1990.


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