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Cheryl Ann Victoria ~ (Angel Cher)
Member Since February 2008
Artist Statement I am amateaur at photography; but enjoy what I take. I try pretty hard for a perfect shot! I have written poetry and a childs book of Heaven after the loss of a parent. for my niece after she lost her dad, my younger brother to Lymphoma, a rare cell cancer last year.

I love good artwork and in awe of the inspiring beauty of all nature,

some of my poetry...

In my words... this is
a photographer:

by Angel Sher Victoria"

The photographer gives you the moments of beauty captured in time,
the awe of the blue heron, but to see the color of his eye!
and see the design on every little bird's feather-
to still the waves of the ocean that sparkle with moonlight-
to save for you every last beautiful sunset! He will take you to the snow - capped mountain's height-
Down the canyon, he will show you its river-
when the deer in the field pranced away at a glance, he will bring them back to your sight- when you never looked close enough- he'll nearly capture the frangrance in his shot of the flower,
He freeze-frames the moments of life.

WILDLIFE, Natures Reflection
(for the photographer)

From the great Blue Heron
to the tiniest eyes of the hummingbird ~
they glance with curiosity
Even when eagles fly and moose run free
in the vast blue skies...
the hills of God's country,
they take a moment just for me.
I take a breath and sigh.
In awe I stand at natures reflection
in my lens looking back at me
I share with you this wildlife...
these blessings running free.

"A story of the horse"

Enchanted by his strength
Big as the wilderness-
He runs like thunder's threat
Still, he'll embrace your gentle kiss!

He's to be reckoned with-
But complies with your respect!
He'll prance to a whispering wind,
High sun, you'll catch a glimpse of him at rest

Tamed by your love and kindness,
He'll surrender himself your friend

He'll walk a muddy path,swim the river's best
and return to you again.

May you find the miracle of Life's blessings!! May God Bless you with it's abundance... Share the beauty, even if through another's lens thats why I call it " Sharing Life's Journey!!"

I have 4 books out now.

Wildlife And Nature, A Serenade Of Beauty By Cheryl Ann Victor... Book Preview it's 188 pages ,over 300 photos including (8x10 photos), 20 oringinal poetry in hardcover, captions, quotes, 3 short fictional stories...
My book was composed with the full circle of life as the main subject.

The photography is all my original work from the hummingbirds to the eagles. The photos were meant to speak for themselves as a song of all that is beautiful ~ of birth, existence and life.

My poetry is about emotions of faith, love, charity and death. My poetry reminds us that even though everything must die and we all face sadness they were written to reflect on acceptance, giving and thanks for life.

Combined, the book expresses all that is beautiful, the appreciation of life and the acceptance that death is part of life, but that we enjoy all of God's creations and all that is nature, because a part of life is death and few are the days we are given.

While we are here, we must look around at all other living creatures and we will see all the splendor and joy of this life we have.

When my husband and brother died so young from cancer, I found God in all of his tiny miracles and creations, this is what I hoped to share when I composed my book, I hoped to share with those who have worked too hard or are just too sad, or who are less fortunate or haven't time for a moment to see what lives all around us... miracles of life and existence,
So they too may see the wonderful works of God.

In the solemn peace and serenity of wildlife and nature there is a uniting with God like nowhere else. when I take photo's of any living creature, I feel closest to God and all his mighty wonders bring me clo


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