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Liz London, Dallas, TX
Member Since January 2009
Artist Statement Not just another pretty picture.

My art is created to stir your mind, jar your imagination and expand your awareness or you can take it lightly. All that is required is a sense of humor.

This artwork explores a shifting and illusive paradox between the inner and the outer worlds that reflect the depth of my own inner transformation. During this continuous process I identify and create my own personal archetypes, historical and mythological symbols, images and stories developing collage and assemblages.

In the summer of 2008, I created and invented a new process for my work by layering and combining papers with transparent sheets to build layers and layers of depth between symbols, images and colors to create inner depth.

By feeling each piece as if it part of a larger jigsaw puzzle, without the guidance of a photo pasted on a box, I lay out pieces on a table intuitively, then let the pieces develop what comment, message, purpose or idea they may by arrangement need to convey. From there the idea dictates the forms, shapes, colors, symbolism and images. It comes together like watching a cosmic dance I am so involved in the process and the concentration that I lose all sense of time, I forget to eat, drink, and I look up and wonder where the time went?

Most of the pieces have the elements or a reference to nature in them such as fire, water, earth, air, wood, fire all with an inner and outer message or a double etendre’.

This art I create is not meant to be literal or strictly narrative. It is left open to each individual's interpretation resulting in some type of discovery. My desire is that each observer will connect at some level or identify some of their own personal symbols, memories, or dreams when viewing my work. I am consistently learning through my art process that everything is a continuous exploration, involving a mystery with always more to learn, grow and discover from others.

My favorite part of the process is finding out how people connect to my pieces and why they collect and purchase them, There is always a wonderful story. It is like spirit made it just for them, only through me. I am only the creative vehicle. That is what it’s all about, discovery.

Liz has lived on both U.S. coasts and currently lives in Dallas, TX with her Maltese dog Beau.


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Subjects Abstract, Collage, World Culture
Style Conceptual
Tags 15, ALLEY'S, BELOW, CRASH, DALLAS, DARKNESS, FAME, Liz, London, London's, PHOTOGRAPHS., PUNISHMENT, REEDS, ROAD, SOUP, Sam's, UTOPIA, WHERE, above, and, antique, art, as, ascension, bird, black, cosmic, did, ephemera, eyes, found, free, frog, from, i, idols, in, into, is, know, less, liz, love, mind, minutes, moon, mother, my, numbers, objects, of, out, pearl, political, retrieved, road, science, sign, so, spiritual, strange, sun, the, times, to, traveled, tx., uncle, winged