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Sonia González Montenegro, España (Islas Canarias)
Member Since February 2007
Artist Statement I see the light for the first time, a day the 15 of May of 1958.En Palms of Great Canary. It suspended in drawing classes, because it pawned to me on expressing it “to my way " thus is that I let draw in class. In 1988, I am transferred to Lanzarote (Canary Islands) Soon after being there, my hands need to express how it is what to my soul it surprises, in this one case, the landscapes and colors of that one land (for me, magical) full of light resistances and colors. In simple blog of drawing and with waxes, beginning to give loose reins my to feel. To not to have studied beautiful arts, I give by I throw that my works do not serve and me I keep them for me. Nevertheless, apparently and although it was not aware to me of it, in the town already called the painter to me of Arrieta. I do not dare to expose what I do, only perhaps, to some very intimate friend I dare to only teach to him what I have done, and if it makes reference to some place. Of all my works, one of them stands out, apparently I managed to catch and to express the magic and mystery of the place. Me they want it to buy and I refuse fully. Nonpinto for nobody, only for me. With time my block of drawings would finish devastated in a traffic accident. After that, I let paint or draw. They spend the years and in 1997, return to my native earth, two years later, I feel the urgent necessity to express my emotions through my hands. They have passed the carnivals, and lacquers of nails of different tonalities and brightness can be acquired very cheap, I feel terribly fascinated by those colors and buy all those that are possible to me and fine cardboards of colors. Step the days, the hours, locked up in my room, dándo loose reins to my to feel. The walls of my house are sad, I go away in search of stores that sell cheap marks to me I have luck me has given them Happy and contents, already I have something to be able to cheer the great corridor of house. Beginning to decorate all the walls of my home with my works. Guau has been very pretty At that time in house entered the enough people newspaper. And when I say enough, I talk about to the order between 15 and 40, is simple I am Buddhist and offered my home to reunite to us, to chat to talk, to share ideas etc. there. All (without I to say nothing) repaired in the pictures, felt atraidos reason why they saw, I said to them that I was the author of such " thing " began to ask the sale prices to Me, I said to them, are not for sale (I do them only for me) Begin the unexpected economic supplies by my works. Passage by badly an economic moment (They do not know it) and I take refuge in the received supplies, with great sadness I come off myself them (who are as something very intimate of my soul) the case is that I sold all absolutely all That would be by the year 2000.Me there beginning to excite by the achieved success and I am decided to continue with my .pero technique.… happens something unexpected. And that one unexpected one lets disabled person to me to continue using that one technique. Then I must leave. Almost 6 years later, by pure “chance " I discover sailing by the network a fractal, I remain enchanted by as much beauty. Perhaps perhaps. .ésa tool helps me to express. It is born in me, a new hope. Beginning to give him returned to the program (in my case, Chaos Pro) uff is full of you formulate mathematical to my that not me dá nothing well. But it is free and in addition I can use speaking it commercially, so I must look for the way to express to me with him. And That is what I take doing. More than a tool to generate fractals, attempt that is my tool to express my to feel. .entonces my hands begins to use the program, looking for without knowing of mathematics a way to express sentires. Perhaps for that reason my fractals are somewhat different, because than to make a fractal in fact more, attempt with that one fractal give loose reins my to feel, I believe that some times with himself and other no. Of all


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Subjects Abstract, Color, Figure
Style Graphic/Design
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