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Martina Ute Rudolf, Remseck am Neckar Neckargröningen
Member Since February 2008
Artist Statement LIFE is beautiful every Day
Creative LIFESTYLE is my STYLE

ROSES are Beauties from Nature....
Fotos from FeedmySOUL
by Martina Ute Rudolf M.U.R.
EUROPEAN ART from Martina

"Every one in a while,
right in the middle of an ordinary life
loves gives us a Fairy tale".
- author unknown-


Welcome to my Gallery Martina Ute Rudolf
on Imagekind.com.
My gallery is my castle my Artworks and Fotos my Garden and my Flowers.

..Gallery SERATIN-DESIGN on Imagekind.com

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Thank you for visiting @SERATIN-DESIGN


Enjoy looking at my Gallery and every each shown Artwork created for YOU
please feel free choosing the one you like best and followe the guided information to individualize your Version of it by choosing what you prefer to buy. Please have fun and a GOOD Day to YOU from Martina Ute Rudolf - M.U.R.

Created just for YOU!

Feelings included.
Love included.
Heart included.
Inspired by living a normal and simple life.
Stories of my Life.

All of these shown Artworks are nice decoration for your own HOME or OFFICE
Formal Living Spaces, Entrance Areas, Living or Dining Areas of your own House or Decoration of Office Buildings Entrance Areas waiting spaces.

I am permanente creating new Artworks and Fotos...
New Fotos and very unique cute nice way of own new creations are coming up soon..

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Yours faithfully,

Martina Ute Rudolf
Art & Design



Product No 831755
Subjects Abstract, Color, Floral & Still Life, Still Life
Style Graphic/Design
Tags Martina Ute, Rudolf, beautiful, beauty, beige, decor, flower, flowers, leave, rose, sky, white