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Mark Millett, Whitman
Member Since July 2011
Artist Statement As long as I can remember I have always enjoyed creating things, when I was little I was always sit and draw for hours at a time sometimes by myself and sometimes with friends and family members. I saw drawing as a way to show interests and tell stories, however I didn’t take my art to a more serious level till about junior year of high school and I wanted to learn to draw a lot more realistically and I wanted to draw everything as real as I possibly could. I still enjoyed drawing but every drawing began to seem like a job or like homework that I wouldn’t want to work on but I would want to see it completed and would find myself forcing myself to the end of the drawing, and although I thought I did a good job on the drawings I would always find I would be disappointed at some small aspect of the drawing like the tone or texture was not exactly the way I wanted to see it. I began noticing my disappointment after every drawing I did, and there was always something I didn’t like and no matter what people thought of the drawing I couldn’t change my opinion on the artwork.
It wasn’t until my second year of college that I really began playing with something other than replicating something realistically. I started altering realistic things and playing around with ideas of landscapes and objects I could picture in my head. And I began finding myself more pleased with my drawings. I continued to play with abstraction more and more where I realized that I could do a lot more than just express myself by just replicating things I found interesting or could associate myself with. I realized that through my art I could express myself more clearly through my work and I would be less likely to be lost in translation through my pictures, I seemed like I could take a thought or an idea and materialize it as an image or a piece of paper, wether it be serious or just for fun, either way I noticed that I enjoyed creating a lot more than I did and after my work is done I continue to enjoy each piece upon viewing it.


Product No 4097653
Subjects Abstract, Figure
Style Conceptual
Tags Mark, Millett, anger, blood, face, splatter