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Stretched Canvas

Modern Lines

Contemporary White

Classical Baroque

Unframed print

The Fine Art Masters
Member Since December 1969
Artist Statement


Product No 4923571
Subjects Astrology, Religion, South American, Spiritual & Religious, World Culture, Zodiac
Tags Art Masters, Mediaeval, Mesoamerica, Symbolism, The Fine, Tzolkin, ages, almanac, america, archaeology, archeology, artefact, artifact, belief, book, calendar, civilisation, civilization, codex, erotic, erotica, female, feminine, glyph, goddess, illumination, iluminated, ixcuiname, legend, literature, madrid, manuscript, maya, mayan, medieval, mexico, middle, miniature, mixtec, mother, myth, mythical, mythology, precolumbian, religion, serpent, sex, sexuality, sign, symbol, tro-cortesianus, weather, woman, women, writing