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Shelley Neumann, Ossineke, Michigan
Member Since March 2008
Artist Statement Hello! Thank you for taking time to see my images and read my profile, I'm flattered!

While I wish I had more time to concentrate on photography, it only makes it that more enjoyable when I find a sight I cannot pass up and can capture it on film. My subjects tend to be things that people can relate to. This leads to my hope that when people see these such things, that they will take the extra time to really look and take something from it. Whether that's a small span of quiet time, an inspiration, or just something to raise their spirits, then it's definately been worth the while!

As for my photographic background......I became obsessed with taking pictures at an early age. When most girls were beginning to ask for clothes, music, makeup and perfume, I was asking for a camera and film. My first personal camera was a Kodak Disc. It fit in my pocket and I took it everywhere. While the pictures weren't the greatest and the subject matter was irrelevant, I took it seriously and couldn't wait for my film to be developed!

Eventually the camera wore out and the disc film became harder to find and I had to retire the unit. Once in a while I could get my hands on my father's Olympus and managed to get some decent shots. Life went on and I just didn't have the time to even take a picture of a spoon, so I put aside my interest......

Then one day I started taking the time to see what was around me and wishing I could capture these images so I could enjoy them whenever I wanted. My underlying need to take pictures resulted in a Canon RebelG EOS and a bunch of film for a birthday present. Then came a Canon Powershot Elph.

I like using the digital camera for some things, but I prefer the old-school style of focus and shoot onto film. It's a more solid, tangible feeling.

Though I don't honestly believe I'll be able to sell much in the way of prints, I post my photos on here for exposure for that 'just in case' chance my images might be picked up for publication in a magazine! If I make it into Organic Gardening just once, I can die happy ;o)

5/18/2009 - It has been quite some time since we had the internet disconnected from our house. With the economy in the drum and carefully distributing the paycheck, some bills just had to go and that was one of them. I've left my images online just for my own personal gratification, to remind myself that I DID make the attempt! (haha) Regardless of how life is now, I am still enjoying the photos of others and, when I get the chance, the ability to get a few extra shots in of my own that I can enjoy at my leisure. I appreciate all who have enjoyed my pictures thus far, and only wish and hope that some day I'll be able to post more here on imagekind. Take Care!


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