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Nawfal Johnson, Malaysia
Member Since September 2006
Artist Statement IMAGEKIND: ARTIST BIO — Nawfal Johnson — Smokephotographist
When I pick up my camera ... when I compose the subjects in the frame ... and, when I plan and set up my lighting, I have one thing in mind — To take a better photograph than the last time.

I have been using a camera as a hobbyist since I was 12 years old, and then as a freelance professional since 1998.

Photography is a Madness for Me — My Work:
I have been a long-time Freelance Stage & Dance Photographer; nevertheless, I focus much of my energy designing fine art Abstract, and, Abstract Expressionism Photography. I also design SMOKE-ART PHOTOGRAPHY, and that is the art style I focused on in my 2011 book, titled, ETHEREAL DREAMS and HOPE.

My Artistic Influences:
My main artistic influences are Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. As for photographic influences, I have always drawn inspiration from Carl Fischer, and Andreas Feininger.

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