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Nawfal Johnson Nur, Penang, Malaysia
Member Since September 2006
Artist Statement

Nawfal Johnson Nur — My Photographist Beginnings

When I pick up my camera...when I compose the subjects in the frame...and, when I plan and set up my lighting, I have one thing in mind: To take a better photograph than the last time.

I have been using a camera as a hobbyist since I was 12 years old, and then as a freelance professional (starting in 1998). I have had a camera in my hands, designing art photography, or working for clients, for 41 years.

Photography is a Madness for Me — Me and My Work

I have been a long-time Freelance Stage & Dance Photographer; nevertheless, I focus much of my energy designing fine art Abstract, and, Abstract Expressionism Photography. I also design SMOKE-ART PHOTOGRAPHY, and that is the art style I focused on in my 2011 book, titled, ETHEREAL DREAMS and HOPE.

I create and design fine art, abstract photographs of my own abstract expressionism paintings. I also design many of my abstract artworks from photographs I capture out in the urban environment as I walk around, investigating and photographing things I see in detail.

As an artist, I love working with alcohol-based permanent ink, acrylic paints, art pens, and watercolour pencils. However, my finished art pieces are usually photographs.

Art is a madness for me because I must be working on new artwork all the time — I must be doing artwork even when I feel like hell and thinking my life is being pulled into a Black Hole — I'll still be doing photography or working on one or more pen happiness and in despair.

My Artistic Influences

My main artistic influences are Jackson Pollack and Mark Rothko. Depending on my mood, I draw some inspiration from listening to music as I work. Presently, my favourite Classical music is from Vivaldi and Bach. If I'm not listening to Classical, I get energy from Very Heavy Metal groups, for example, Fallujah.

I was born in 1965, in Lincoln, Nebraska, and in 1994, I moved to Penang Island, Malaysia.

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