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Michael McGloin, New Hampshire
Member Since February 2008
Artist Statement I've always been involved in the arts in one way or another. My first memories of drawing were my father copying cartoons out of the Sunday paper and then me copying his drawings. I was 4 or 5 at the time. My mother was really into crafts, macrame, glass crafts, making dolls and stuffed animals, and I was magnet to that, a sponge sucking up every new craft I could get my hands on.
I grew up drawing through Junior High and High School as an escape and an adventure into new worlds. Heavy into heavy metal and hard rock I drew a lot of Skulls and KISS faces...
I went to Portland School of Art after graduating in 1987. I spent 2 years there figuring out that I loved sculpture. After that I went to Burlington Vermont around 1989 and help start an artists' collective. Somewhere in the middle of that I started designing T-Shirts and selling shirts at Phish and Grateful Dead shows.
I got a bunch of artist friends together and started a company called Artwear in 1991-92.
My illustration style started gravitating towards a more crafty, hippy, earthy feel. Around that time (until now) I have an amazing kinship with Trees as you'll see in my work. This came into play with a design I did in 1992 "Must've Been The Roses" my first CMYK T-Shirt design that pushed my company into a completely different ball game.
Then through my friend Bright, I was introduced to his Father at a party. This started my long trek as a partner and Art Director of The Mountain®.
The Mountain started at a chain of retail stores. I met with the owners when I was selling my own line of shirts ArtWear on Dead Tour & Phish Tour back in 1992. The 2 principal partners at The Mountain® were looking to print shirts in-house
for their chain of retail stores. I started out selling my own line to them and with the success of it, was asked to start a print shop in-house. It began with just me and my artists designing shirts and me on a manual press printing shirts for the stores.
We were the first T-Shirt company I know of, to enter the licensed art market and pay royalties to artists. This was always something that was very dear to me (being an artist) and from the very start; the artist was always paid a % of sales of their shirts. That is true to this day.
After the shop got going and we had more and more demand for product, I hired
almost all of my friends to help run the shop. Most of them are still here today. 2 or 3 years into printing plastisol, we had a sales guy come in and he showed us Discharge ink. From then on we became a full discharge printing shop. Discharge ink allowed us to print batik and we actually got a patent on the process.
We started to design some killer Grateful Dead designs in Batik and this allowed us to get a licensing deal with Grateful Dead Merchandising. We started selling licensed designs in the stores and then put out our first wholesale catalog.
I've been working for The Mountain and designing T-Shirts, Posters, Catalogs, Ads, Skateboards, Greeting Cards, Envelopes and a bunch of other products for a very long time. I still work at The Mountain® I'm always looking for new artists to work with. (Mountain Plug)
As I get older and asked more and more by my fans, friends and family, I wanted to have a place where I could showcase some of my works and not have to worry about stocking prints or mats and frames. I just wanted it easy for folks to have access to my work. That's what it's all about... I hope you enjoy.


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