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Megan Alford
Member Since January 2011
Artist Statement Most children start drawing as soon as they are able to hold a pencil or pen, then as they age, some of them chose different routes which sometimes happens because either there's no inspiration, or no one to draw and share that hobby with. I was really lucky and grew up with a close family, a family that included a great inspiration of mine- as I grew up he was always there for me.

Some children enjoy seeing friends or watching television, as a very young girl, the element I wanted to be in, was sitting in the living room on the cream carpet next to a chair which he was sat. I remember looking up at his face which was filled with concentration as we both made sure the we coloured within the thick black lines of my colouring book.

This was a daily event for us both- there were the days that he would talk to me about the present days and 'what's new' and then there would be the days where he would tell me whatever I have passion for, to not care about what anybody else thinks- and carry it on for as long as I want! I can easily say that he did not use them exact words or phrasing because well, to be blunt, he had a very strong Scottish accent!-and, well, there would have been a lot more use of the word 'hen'!

A question I often get asked is 'who is my inspiration?' well that's a very easy question to answer and I have always known it and my inspiration has known it too- My Granddad was an amazing gift to me. Most of you reading this now will probably be thinking that I have had the perfect life, and perfect family and to all of you people- you are ALL wrong. Yeah, my life has been great a lot of happy memories and events that have happened to me which I am very grateful for and always will be. Among these happy memories are feelings and days I wished I could forget about.

I was unlucky and lost my inspiration, my granddad, but the fact that he has influenced my life so much, I consider myself lucky to have been one of the people he made that change for. Saying that, if I had the chance to take a magic tablet which would allow me forget these, I doubt I would do it because they have made me what I am today.

It's feelings like this that give me inspiration for a particular media or surface, sometimes even an object. Whenever people look for a pretty picture and insist that only pretty pictures are art, I give out a secret smile because I know that art isn't just a pretty picture.

It's the reaction that each individual person gets that's unique to them. Art is something that gives us a reaction- whether it be 'oh gosh, that's an awful piece of art!' it's made you think that, giving you a reaction- THAT is art.


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Subjects Abstract, Instruments, Irregular Forms, Music
Style Abstract
Tags Alford, Megan, black, emerald, green, movement, music, symphony, white