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José Luis Mieza Ramos, Manresa
Member Since July 2007
Artist Statement What I look for is what I am seeing in the eye of my mind. When I see a landscape or a flower I have them in my imagination. The following challenge is to transfer them to a photo better than the reality. Creativity is the recognition and later accomplishment in the photo of our own one curiosity. First that we must have VISION. When contemplating the things these cause in us feelings in our IMAGINATION Finally to be able PASSION to develop to the VISIÖN and the IMAGINATION Those are the components of our creativity. The creativity needs to destroy it labels that sometimes we have formed on the things. ¿Because the grass is green or the sky is blue?. In fact the skies change constantly of color because the same nature is creative. If we contemplated that sky to traverse of autumn leaves it changes the color not to mention the changes that produce in that grass and that sky the different stations from the year, or rain, the snow, the dusk the dawn. It is not necessary to ask itself As it is the reality? but That feelings wakes up this to me that I see? The creative photography is not for catching the reality, for that is the fotorreportaje. The creative photography is for reflecting those that we see with the eyes of the mind. Much people say “those colors to me or that sky is not real” and I ask to him simply “But The photo Is pretty”. The beauty of the result is only the important thing. It is something but unreal that the photo in BW and nevertheless all we accepted that there are many beautiful photos in BW. That sometimes in BW we can express an idea or a feeling better that in color. The telephoto lenses tabién deform the reality? and nevertheless it would be inconceivable the photography without them, or the macros. Cartier Bresson so was obsessed with transmitting the reality that when positivar its negatives towards positivando until the perforations of the film. But never account occurred of which its reality was monochrome. The colors can be harmonious causing a sensation of peace or enormously resisted that they cause vrillantes or exciting sensations. Sometimes our mind will request to us that we saturate an image and in other than the desaturemos. With the light it happens the same To my they please in general the photos with diffuse light without great definition, for that reason I adore the “Orton effect”. Nevertheless there are occasions in which a hard light is necessary in order to trnsmitir dramatic quality.Creativity is the recognition and later accomplishment in the photo of our own one curiosity.


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