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Todd VanCantfort, Washington, DC
Member Since October 2007
Artist Statement Welcome to my galleries. By sharing my work with you here, I hope to drive your thoughts, your emotion and your passion; to open your mind to the world in which you exist and allow you for at least this moment to share a slice of time with me and with each other. I know this may sound arrogant to many and perhaps inspiring to others but, it is the reason we create art – or at least it is the reason I do.

My view of the world has been shaped, like all of you, by my education both formal and through the osmosis of life. Like sponges, we absorb the good, the bad and the indifferent around us but unlike the inanimate, we filter our world through our education, our idiosyncrasies, our emotions and our fear.

Art, and as just one medium of this form of communication – photography is a language as much as it is a window into time. But unlike painting and drawing and other forms of creative expression, photography is singularly adept at capturing the whole story as it was told at that very moment the shutter closed. Though the image projected is only two dimensional, the true art of photography is found in the widely different impressions, emotions and thoughts one image can evoke limited only by the number of souls it lures.

There is a passage in the book “At the Edge of the light” by David Travis that was penned by Frederick Nietzsche. It is the most accurate explanation of photography I have found that also best describes my muse, my passion for the art as well, my basis for critique of the expression of art. It goes like this:

“Everything happens involuntarily in the highest degree but as in a gale of a feeling of freedom, of absoluteness, of power, of divinity. The involuntariness of image and metaphor is strangest of all; one no longer has any notion of what is an image or a metaphor…It actually seems, to allude to something Zarathustra says, as if the things themselves approached and offered themselves as metaphors. Here the words and wordshrines of all being are opened up before you; here all being wishes to become word, all becoming wishes to learn from you how to speak.”

I have pursued my infatuation with the art of photography for over 40 years now. I have lived and captured the best and worst of some absolutely amazing places in many corners of the world. First armed with a handy Polaroid and instamatic cameras, I began this adventure at the ripe age of 13. Though I have honed my skills through a blend of formal and informal education, I have never stopped learning, and hope to continue this enriching experience as long as I have the physical capacity.

While you’re playing with your options here, if you can’t find just the right mats or frames, or you have an interest in a signed limited edition print, all things can be negotiated with me directly by contacting me at


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