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Liberty Maniacs, Minnesota
Member Since January 2009
Artist Statement was founded in 2003 on the notion that people’s freedom—liberty—is, was, and always will be the driving force of progress, happiness, and well-being in the World. We believe like-minded people have always wanted to express their ideas, but there has been a lack of fun, cool products to do so.

Thus, is a multi-partisan, highly opinionate, passionate, and aggressive advocate for freedom making the coolest stuff for people that fit that same bill. We venerate liberty, and creatively rebuke the ideas, individuals, and institutions that act against it. How? By offering individuals instantly customizable, high quality products that forward the freedom message and are shipped in 24 hours.

Multi-partisan? You guys made that up.

You caught us. But we think the word fits. Liberty Maniacs rejects the false dichotomy of two party political systems because, well, there are other parties out there. It probably doesn't come as a news flash to you that no party is right all the time. So we give credit where credit is due, and give heck where it's due too. In our view, liberty isn't partisan, the absence of it is.

Aren't you just crazy libertarians?

Sure. Of course we are! We tend to think that when it comes down to it about 65% of you are too. I'll show you a brief, albeit simplistic illustration of what we mean. Here's the American Heritage Dictionary's definition of libertarian.

1. One who advocates maximizing individual rights and minimizing the role of the state.

2. One who believes in free will.

Now if you fall into either category, you're a Liberty Maniac like us. Welcome. Sure, we might have a whole lot of disagreement about the details, but that doesn't change the fact that you're a freedom-loving, free-will professing, liberty junky!


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