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Frank Mulvey, Montreal
Member Since July 2012
Artist Statement I have been producing charcoal drawings since the early 1980s. I have a studio in the Mile End region of Montreal (Canada), and teach in the Fine Arts Department and the Illustration & Design Department of Dawson College. I enjoy creating detailed works that combine notions of anatomy and architecture within a framework of reinvented myth. If you wish to have info about my career (grants, awards, collections, exhibitions, art books etc.) you can check out my website (click on "about" for my resumé and "store" for the art book and other items for sale). You can also view video material under the "video" tab.

Great care has been taken at every step of the production of the high quality fine art reproductions of my charcoal drawings in order to provide a wonderful visual experience for those who who enjoy my work but do not have the financial means to purchase the original artworks. There are two galleries of my artwork: one set of images is formatted with handsome typographic elements and light grey text identifying the size, year and medium of each artwork, and the other set of images is formatted with my signature (near the bottom of each image) as the only text element. It is your choice which you prefer and in what form (which paper, whether or not you wish to frame an image, what colour your frame and mat should be if you do frame it, or if you wish to have it printed on canvas).

These fine art reproductions would not exist without a very special piece of photo equipment bought by my late father Frank R. Mulvey (author of Graphic Perception of Space) in 1952. It is a Graphic View II 4x5 camera, manufactured by Graflex, Inc. He used this camera for much of his nature photography in the 50s, 60s and 70s, and in the 80s gave this camera to me so that I could use it to document my artwork. For those unfamiliar with the device, it requires the operator to put their head under a dark cloth while focusing with a magnifying glass and taking the picture. Only two sheets of film can be loaded into a film holder at one time. It is a laborious and time-consuming process, but the 4” x 5” negatives and transparencies resulting from this are incredibly detailed. These can then be scanned with sophisticated drum scanners or Flextight scanners to provide superior digital files.

In the past several years I have had my artwork reproduced with a scanner that is large enough to accommodate artworks measuring 40” x 60” in one scan, with larger works scanned in two sections and then digitally reassembled. The technology used for this purpose is the Cruse Digital Synchron CS220-110 Large Format Scanner. This device has rendered the use of a photographic intermediary obsolete, and serves as the means by which I can reproduce my artwork now and into the future.

If you have any comments or questions about my artwork, make them on the imagekind website or visit my website and click on the "Desire for Dialogue" button. Thanks for your interest and I hope that you enjoy the artwork!


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Subjects Christianity, Spiritual & Religious, Spirituality
Style Fine Art
Tags Frank, Mulvey, art, charcoal, christ, drawing, figurative, jesus, realism