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Nadine Schmidt, Berlin
Member Since March 2015
Artist Statement

2002 A-level in art
2002 moved to England aged 18
2004 became a youth worker
2005 started a philosophy and psychological studies course at the OU
2007 really got into photography (travel/stage/portraits)
2011 moved to Berlin
2011 studied communications design for one year at the BTK
2011 started to paint with acrylics
2012 started to work as a translator
2014 started selling my work on the streets of Berlin
initially at Mauerpark
2014 first official exhibition at the Froschkönig in Neukölln
2015 first official exhibition of my reproductions at Frollein Langner in Neukölln

I'm very much into Expressionism and also have a fascination for Romanticism and German Gothic art. My references are my own photographs, fashion photography and sometimes even paintings. Although I have initially started just using 2D references and sticking to it as I believed I needed to do so to get a realistic looking painting, I have now started to 'free up' a tad more. I now sketch scenarios from life more often and allow the images in my head to be brought to canvas more independently. My background lies in photography and graphic design, so I often use collage-like techniques in my paintings. Most of my paintings originate from collages made with different photographs. But as I said before- I see myself moving more and more towards painting the images I have in my head without any photographic reference. I'm only at the beginning.
So yes- I paint using acrylics, I create digital images from my own photographs and sometimes I use my already-painted motifs, digitally edit them and wallpaper them onto canvas-sometimes even paint over them again (reproductions).

My philosophy is to keep my art affordable to normal people like you and me. Therefore I have developed a technique allowing me to reproduce my originals in a way that makes them an original. As this technique differs from picture to picture and is totally dependent on the motif, people have suggested that this is an art form in its own right. However, I call them reproductions.

As mentioned above, I love photographs. Old masters that painted like we take pictures today, are the diesel in my engine; one day I will want to paint like that, too. Realism, Romanticism and German Expressionism give me motivation to keep going. I love travelling and have been to countries like Rwanda, Vietnam, Dominican Republic, Cuba and the Sinai (Egypt).

I hope I gave you a good overview, however, if you have any more questions, critique or comments, take advantage of the comment section on here, or get in contact with me.


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