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This original piece of artwork is an oil painting based on Bob Dylan's epic song Desolation Row. Envisioned by a fan Shane Balkowitsch and brought to life by Theo Cobb an artist for hire. Their year long collaboration has given the Bob Dylan community the first ever vision of this very influential song. Every aspect and detail from the lyrics were used to create this piece of art. Shane also has added countless other elements that celebrates Bob Dylan's career. All the characters from Desolation Row are accounted for with others such as Mr. Tambourine Man and his famous Diplomat with his Siamese cat are also featured, even Jakob Dylan makes his presence known near his WallFlowers. A true Bob Dylan fan can spend hours looking for little nuances and details that have been brought into this rather historic piece of artwork. Set in Duluth Minnesota where Bob Dylan was born and where the infamouse lynchings took place of three African Americans in 1920. "They're selling postcards of the hangings" is the opening verse and that is where the song ends and the painting starts. Any questions or comments about the elements of this piece you can contact the collaborator Shane at (800)355-2956.
"Bob Dylan
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